Earth - inside and out!

September 12, 2011

Currently, in Mrs. Hanson's 4th hour IL Science class, we are working on the characteristics of the inside and the outside of the Earth. Students were asked to research either one of the topics and take notes on important information. From there, they got into small groups and worked with their team members on creating an informational poster about their topic. The group was responsible for creating a poster that included a picture and facts about each of the elements of their topic.  In our class, we ended up in two groups. One group of boys was responsible for reporting on the inside of the Earth. Their poster consisted of a color picture that represented the four sections that make up the inside of the Earth. Each person from the group took a section and reported facts on it. The boys did a great job of putting all of those facts together on their poster. The other group consisted of a group of girls and they had to report on the outside, or surface of the Earth. The girls group did a great job of using a picture to represent all the layers and different landforms that make up the Earth's surface. They broke their topic down into three categories: water, air and land. Each group member did a great job of explaining what makes up our Earth's surface and the atmosphere that surrounds it. Great job to both groups!