Important Information for Parents and Seniors!

December 2, 2012


Seniors have been asking what moves they can make right now to gather scholarship money and I have some simple steps to take. 


Apply to your top colleges before the scholarship deadline.  Many scholarships that colleges award are based on ACT scores and students just need to apply to the college by that deadline; but several other scholarships may have separate applications.  Students should search the college websites for information on these separate scholarships.


2.     Seniors can get on the counselor's website and look under "General Scholarships".   This list is updated periodically as new information comes in about national and other various scholarships.  All seniors also receive a list of updated scholarships through their emails.  Seniors should be checking their emails and getting on the website to check which scholarships they qualify for.


3.     Seniors can also be looking at the "Local, Regional, and Foundation" Scholarships.  They are not due until spring but students can be looking at the list and gathering information they will need to apply.  Counselors will be having a meeting around mid-February to help students organize and show examples of how to put the packets together.


4.     March 1st is the deadline for the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship. Students need a 2.5 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation, and show financial need (family income less than $95,000).  If students qualify they need to have taxes and FAFSA done early.