Industrial Arts

January 30, 2013

The high school Industrial arts classes are in full swing this semester. Over Christmas our drafting class updated computers and software and are now working on the latest version of AutoCad. The switch from version 2007 to version 2013 caused some delays at the start of the semester but the students, and teacher, are figuring out the differences in the programs and how to deal with the new format. Erik Frias, a senior drafting student, commented that the new software was pretty cool, but he wished he would have started on it instead of the old version because so much has changed. I look at it as a way for the class to experience the process of change in the work place. Any job someone takes is going to require him or her to adapt to new technology and deal with innovations as their employer attempts to keep up to date and competitive with others in the industry. As someone who has worked with over a dozen programming changes in AutoCad I can tell you change is inevitable. As technology improves and business requirements dictate AutoCad will continue to evolve and our students are lucky to be working with the latest software.

James Hoyt

Lexington High School Industrial Technology