Industrial Technology students manufacturing project

October 1, 2013

The woods classes at Lexington High School are doing a mass production project again this year.  The students are currently finalizing ideas about what project they will be making.  This lesson demonstrates the power of mass production.  The class as a whole will develop a project idea.  The idea is to come up with something they can manufacture and sell.  Students work in teams to design, construct, test, and redesign an assembly line to manufacture a product as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet the quality control criteria.  Once the logistics of the assembly line are worked out the class will make a test run to see if the project will work.  The next step is to manufacture the product.  The class will decide on the number to be produced, each student will then be responsible for selling a predetermined number of projects with the profits from the sale going to offset the cost of individual projects the students will make later in the year.  In the past, classes have made clocks, pencil holders, and toys.  I'm sure you will see this year's idea as students should be out selling them in the near future.