Is it Laughter in Room 101?

September 20, 2012

Kid Humor.  It's a whole lot different than adult humor, old lady humor, or even baby humor.  The paths cross, though, when the senior English students have been asked to present a joke, story, inspirational story, cartoon or comic strip, or humorous video of the day.  The idea began with a joke of the day, which expanded to students presenting a humor piece for the day.  Each student drew a number from a hat, and then the students were assigned dates on a calendar for the first semester.  The student is to present an introduction, the humorous piece, and a conclusion to the humorous event.  The humorous selection must be written up and a work cited is to be included, telling the source of the piece of humor.  German Acosta drew his own comic strip, a couple of students have created their own humorous video, and several have written humorous stories from their family or a favorite joke they have been telling for years.  Many of the students have presented videos from  One favorite has been "I Sold 60 Boxes of Cookies" and "Best Funny Video Ever."  So, when roars of laughter are heard from Room 101, the source is the Joke or Story of the Day.  The best medicine to quell the senior class is definitely humor in the classroom.