Jazz Age in English 11

October 25, 2011

In order to gain a more personal and richer understanding of the literature of a time period, students need to have some knowledge about the people, lifestyles, events, dreams and ideals of the period.  Students in Mrs. Gruntorad's English 11 classes have been studying the 1920's, also known as The Roaring 20's or The Jazz Age.  Author F. Scott Fitzgerlad coined the term "The Jazz Age".  Students have also completed an author study on Fitzgerald.  Students have researched online, created Comic Life projects, and read short stories by Fitzgerald.  The 1920's were an optimistic era in which people were living opportunistic lifestyles.  English 11 students research the 1920's consumer culture, automobiles, film, fashion, politics, and ideals.  F. Scott Fitzgerald was a prominent figure of the decade, publishing numerous short stories as well as multiple successful novels.  English 11 students are reading, perhaps his most famous novel, The Great Gatsby.  Fitzgerald's personal life is often mirrored in his writing.  Students are currently examining Fitzgerlad's writing style and enjoying unfolding plot of The Great Gatsby.