Journey into Algebra

February 11, 2013


The pre-algebra classes are building the skills necessary to go on to the next step in their journey to algebra.  This semester we have learned operations with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers. Percent problems and simple interest have been a challenge since they apply math to real-world situations.  Simplifying radical expressions and absolute value are math ideas that will be useful in more complex problems in the future.  We found out that there must be an order to math operations for everyone to arrive at the same solution.

The time has now come to work with unknown numbers, variables, and see how they are used in algebraic problem solving.  We are learning algebra vocabulary that is not usually mentioned at the dinner table.  What is a term?  Monomials anyone?  Polynomial expressions can be found in the minds of the serious pre-algebra students, only after focusing on the lesson during class and having a great attitude about understanding an idea that stretches their thinking! 

Keep up the good (not easy) work, and the reward will be the ability to solve problems in other areas of life by using the logic and processes discovered in pre-algebra class!