LHS English II CT

March 28, 2014

In English II CT class, students have been working on an independent novel unit.  One of the many required projects was to create "Found Poetry".  Found Poetry is a creative process in which students create original poetry based on the theme of their novel without using any of their own words. All of the words in their poetry must be "found" in the novel.  In this case, the students paired with the author to create some very inspiring works. Please enjoy some student samples.


She Lost it All

It happened on a warm day

On Himmel Street.

The road filled with Jews.

Marching down the street.

Onlookers searched the suffering.

Amazed she recognized him

By his hair like twigs.

She ran towards him.

Spectators were shocked.

She was whipped.

He was whipped.

She continued to follow him.

Concentrating so hard, she lost him.

She. Lost. Him.

Jennifer Bullis from The Book Thief


The Secret Life of Bees

Did you ever see one that black?

My body felt numb

Such rude and cold-hearted people

Tears gather and fall

No warmth

No heart

No touch

I am not one of you


Miranda and Victoria Marroquin from The Secret Life of Bees


Mr. Harvey

Please don't

He grew tired

Smashing the hat

In my mouth

To muffle my sounds

I left my body

Into the air and silence

I knew he was going to kill me

I did not realize

I was an animal already dying

"Tell me you love me"

Gently I did

The end came anyways

Syndra Kennon from The Lovely Bones


Saving the Day

Never figured you would become a hero today

Church caught fire

Children stuck inside

They need a hero to rescue them

Sacrifice yourself for others

Children are safe

Will you make it today?

Think positive everything will be okay

You'll make it through the day without any pain

I'm your best friend

I will comfort you through this day

Will you be okay while I go away?

I will see you in awhile

I'll manage to keep it good in the streets

I'll be back I promise

So don't leave

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

Noemi Tavares and Nate Boesch from The Outsiders



The dot that became a speck

That became a boy

No shoes no socks

Thin and sad

Skin gray

Striped pajamas

Smaller same age boys

"I've been exploring

"What did you find?"

"I found you"


The Darkness of April

The Darkness of April



And justice

The destruction of fires blazing

Bullets flying, bodies dropping

Tears falling

Families separated

Love remains

Alex Galvan, Ashley Aguayo, Jesse Garcia from Across Five Aprils





Run for your life

Save yourself

Have faith

Run for your future

Remember our shared memories

Don't forget about me

Tell our story

Run for your life

Jenny Mendoza and Martha Martinez from The Devil's Arithmetic