Lab Season

December 16, 2011

On November 23, Physical Science students in Mr. Spotanski's classes began wearing goggles on a regular basis. Yes, lab season is upon us, and students are applying their knowledge of the periodic table to specific chemical reactions.  

 Two key questions that have been investigated at this point have been:

1.  Can we predict the products of a single replacement reaction prior to the experiment?


2.  What will happen to a burning wood splint or a glowing wood splint when it is placed into a specific gas?

 Single Replacement reactions such as Aluminum plus Copper (II) chloride, Copper wire's reaction with Silver nitrate, and the production of basic gases such as Carbon dioxide, Oxygen gas, and Hydrogen gas have been the focal point of the labs up to this point.  

Students are working to predict the products of reactions based on their understanding of the general equation for the single replacement reaction which is, AX  +  B à  BX  +  A.   From there we did research as to which metals (+ ions) are most reactive, and the students made a hypothesis based on their research to answer their question.

Physical science students in these classes are practicing lab safety, working to improve lab techniques, recording their information observed in the lab setting, and writing an organized lab report.