Lexington High School Content Mastery Class Improving Writing and Study Skills

December 4, 2012


Content Mastery classess at Lexington High School are helping students to improve writing and study skills.  Content mastery is a class to help students with organization, work completion, and study skills.  Students begin the class by filling in their planners with the activities for each class and a notation as to whether they have homework.  Once they check in with the teacher, they plan what they need to work on for the day.  Weekly grade checks with a list of any missing assignments helps students become accountable and keep track of work that they need to finish. 

In addition to working on daily assignments for other classes, students have been working to improve study skills and writing.  As part of the school-wide initiative to improve writing skills, all students have been exposed to the Write Tools writing format.  Using these skills, students write a weekly journal in Content Mastery.  The writing prompts are given at the beginning of the week and include a topic such as- "list ten things that you are afraid of and write a paragraph about one of these things", as well as a continuous option to write about the book that they are reading. 

During the Thanksgiving week, students were asked to write a letter to someone that they appreciate.  Students wrote letters to teachers, parents, and friends.