Lots of good stuff is happening in science this year!

September 25, 2014

In Ms. Klein's chemistry class, students are learning about the periodic table and nomenclature.  This information is the basis for chemistry.  It is important students master each part of chemistry as the material we learn now will be incorporated into topics covered in second semester including the extra challenging chapter on stoichiometry.

Honors chemistry just finished making commercials using iMovie about an assigned element.  The commercials will be playing on the in-school TV system on Monday, September 29.  They are also starting to read the classic book Silent Spring.  In October, they will create an iMovie to help students learn the vocabulary words for the NeSA-Science Test.

Applied science is busy practicing how to use the scientific method.  So far, we have tested how many drops of tap water vs. soapy water will fit on the head's side of a penny and how the mass of a bess bug compares to the pulling power of a bess bug.  We will finish up the quarter by building the best raft possible and finding the best habitat for pill bugs.  Then it is on to the always exciting paper airplane unit and five-paragraph essay.

Don't forget, if anyone needs extra help, Homework Club has started after school in the library.  Students can come in for extra help from Ms. Klein, Ms. Meyer, and Ms. Anderbery on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30.