Mr. Mac's English Classes

February 6, 2013

Wow, where to begin yet again!? Is it May yet, or merely the first week in February?!? The first month of the second semester flew by, and in my English classroom, things are taking off.

To begin, we have moved the focus to non-fiction. We have shifted to what the students describe as "boring reading;" however, they are finding enjoyment in learning about the new things of their choice. The topics varied to a little bit of everything including the negative effects of steroids on the human body to the beginning of big air skateboarding and the famous Ashton Kootchar. To wrap up this section of English, the students learned how to take useful note cards in preparation for the ever-looming research paper.

Next, students are learning how to survive the state-testing season. Although students already have enough pressure on their plates, the mandatory NeSA tests have been haunting their daydreaming; however, they have shown once again the resiliency of their youth. As an English teacher, I am very proud of the effort and dedication all students demonstrated during this grueling stretch of the year.

Finally, my class is learning how a single paragraph can be stretched to a five-paragraph essay. Our "No Fear Day," was met with speculation, but now that we have begun the process, the students have realized that all the tools necessary to write effective essays are already in their toolbox. Clearly, English is alive at LHS, and I am proud to call myself a Minuteman!


Jess McHargue aka "Mr. Mac"