Mrs. Anderbery's English classes

September 5, 2013

"Quotations-Back to School" from the web page The Quote Garden, lists the following quotation by Sydney J. Harris: "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."  Currently Mrs. Anderbery's English classes are learning about the research process by selecting topics and resources for their papers.  Each student selected a topic of interest never researched by the individual.  Mrs. Bergstrom talked to the classes about "Destiny Quest" and other features of the new card catalogue system at the Lexington Public Schools libraries and gave them a handout to use for the on-line resources 24/7.  This means these resources are available at all times for the students' use.  As soon as the resources are selected, the students will begin the note taking process using information the English teachers learned in a workshop provided this summer by LPS with Write-Tools on research skills.  All seniors will learn how to conduct an interview and create a questionnaire for a survey.  Finally, the students will develop an annotated bibliography to conclude the research paper. 


Several guests have visited our classroom during the first few days of school.  Katherine Arias and Stephanie Perez, 2012 graduates of Lexington High School, shared some of their college experiences with assignments, late work ("Don't bother to turn it in as it is not accepted and a zero"), costs, organization to complete assignments on time, and the syllabi ("They are your best friend").  Ms. Arias attends Hastings College, a small, private college, and Ms. Perez is a Kearney-bound scholar at UNK.  Both ladies found college and university life challenging, and they wanted the LHS seniors to know failure in college classes is common and survival depends on self-motivation to work each day to get assignments and reading done.  Both Arias and Perez answered any questions the students had about college life after LHS.  The final guest speaker was Mrs. Bonnie Simpson, the assistant Honors Academy Director from Nebraska Wesleyan.  Mrs. Simpson talked to both College English classes about the Wesleyan program and the expectations at the university level.  A parent meeting was held later that evening to discuss the options of taking the dual credit English class for credit through Wesleyan University or simply as an honors class at LHS. 


Whether working on the research paper for high school credit or college credit, the juniors in English 3 and seniors in English 4 and College English are opening a window to their futures.  The writing structure and positive study habits mirrored in class will help doors and windows open for Lexington High School students in the future.  We hope for a successful 2013-2014 school year!!  Welcome Back!!