Reading and Writing and More Reading and Writing

February 25, 2014

Everything fits together. The puzzle is solved.  We do Daily Oral Language to help improve our sentence structure and writing.  The vocabulary lessons improve our reading and writing.  The Word of the Day helps improve our reading and writing.  What we do in English 3 and English 4 builds each day as we work on our reading and writing. 

English 3

Since Second Semester began on January 6, 2014, we have prepared for the Nebraska State Writing Assessment.  Some of the students' comments after taking the test are as follows:

Juan Casas: "The test was easy and I learned a lot."

Tamara Ramirez: "I think it was a nice experience, and I think it is good to be tested."

Armando Pinedo: "It wasn't too bad; pretty easy."

Maxx Avalos: "I thought it was easy."

Let's hope for terrific results from the junior class, the Class of 2015.

We have also written a compare/contrast essay over two characters from The Crucible, and we have read "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty about the unforgettable character Phoenix Jackson. Some of the student comments about Phoenix Jackson are as follows:

Laura Lugo: "She shows no fear."

Hope Huerta: "She doesn't let anything bother her."

Jenifer Acevedo: "Phoenix Jackson is quite a funny lady."

            Our next writing assignment is a cause and effect essay after we study and read about Native American Creation Stories.

English 4

            English 4 is finishing up the book Night by Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize winning author and one of the organizers and founders of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which many of our senior students will visit in March on the Washington, D.C. Trip.  This book is a memoir of his experiences at Birkenau, Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald from 1944 through April of 1945.  The students were asked to relate an incident from the book that made the greatest impact on them.  Some of the student responses are as follows:

Karen Pereyea: "The greatest incident was when they hung the little boy and the dad died."

Erik Jimenez: "The greatest impact I had was when I read when they arrived at the first camp, and they were separated by gender.  He gets separated from his mom and never sees her again.  That's crazy to think about."

Josiah Madison: "Wiesel and I have a common life.  We don't want to give up on ourselves or other people. We always try to do the right thing."

Oscar Galindo: "The part where Elie starts losing his belief in God. I found it crazy to see a religious man just kind of lose faith in everything."

Austin Anderson: "All the death and hostility, the piles of humans and the burning of them."

Ana Rodriguez: "The incident that made the greatest impact was when they were burning and shooting children."

Eduardo Francisco: "When Elie's dad was dying, that impacted me a lot because a father is all Elie had."

Patrick Spicer: "The incident that made the most impact on me was when he finally got to see himself after being liberated from the concentration camp."

Alex Delgado: "When Elie was in the hospital and the Russians were coming to liberate people.  He could've stayed and survived with his father, but they decided to go."

Claudia Ceja: "One of the incidents that made the most impact on me was Elie's father's death.  How after Elie realized it, he felt relieved instead of crying."

Johnny Romero: "The incident that had the greatest impact was the deaths of all the people in the cold."

Iris Esquivel: "The incident that made the greatest impact on me was the beginning in which all Jews were separated from their families.  I find it very sad to never see them again."

Samantha Peña: "The part that made the greatest impact on me was when Juliek was playing his violin on the train car."

            After the Night final test, the students will write a narrative over an incident from their senior year. Then, we will read The Hunger Games.

College English II-English 4 Honors

            We are currently reading Beowulf and have fought monster number two, Grendel's mother.  Each student is writing a boast in Anglo-Saxon style. The boasts will be presented to the class on Monday, February 24, 2014. Each boast is to include two kennings, three caesura, and three alliterations.  We will also analyze the events in Beowulf and create one-page ComicLife summaries for each part of the story.  Then, each student will write an argumentative paper to prove whom or what is the real hero Beowulf.


I am Anfernee Covarrubias, // The awkward, frisky guy

Born in the land known as The Golden State // But adapted to the territory of Cornhuskers

My peers see me as a reliable, trustworthy, and humorous individual

Do not be fooled by my size for my heart is stronger than others.

Many of you might recognize me as the deadliest deluxe dancer at pep rallies

I use a variety of bass cannons to keep the tempo in music

I use my pair of human transportation to relieve stress // and to compete against my foes,

Especially the weak, chicken-hearted

These human vehicles have gone through frosty, frigid blizzards // scorching sizzling deserts and

have encountered the mighty, gusty breath of God.

My body moves like a robot, but waves like the sea.

I am the future of psychological studies // the role model of many student-athletes

I will travel to the nation of Kearney and achieve my goals for the future

I will not give up; I will persevere and prove those who doubt me

So is there anyone that wished to compete against me? Or nah?


Paola's Boast

It is me, // Paola.

I was born and righteously raised in this valley of people

I wish to see the wonderful world // that is not yet waning.

My precious, providing, patient parents are from the land of // blood, doves, and emeralds.


Prosperous in adorning my nails with pizzazz, perfection, and passion, // art is present.

Taking the pot at the end of the rainbow, // I dip my hands into my hue of choice

And paint my sky with hounds tooth and Andy Warhol images.

However, I have to constantly protect it // from the foam of the sea in the kitchen.


My next step // is going to the garden of knowledge and black market of late-night plagiarism.

In this place, I shall obtain a license // to survive in today's society.

So wish me shooting stars and blown-out birthday cake candles.

Until next time.