Research Writing at the High School

December 14, 2011

            Research writing is in the air at the high school!  With the end of the semester approaching quickly, many high school students are learning the art of research writing.  They have worked on gathering sources, making note cards, creating a Works Cited page, and are using citations throughout their writing.

             In Mr. Carnes room, freshman Geography honor students are writing a research paper on North or South America.  Some of their topics range from Illegal Immigration to the affects of 9-11 on the military.  These students have just finished their note cards and will be starting their Works Cited page this week.  

            In Mrs. Reeve's French IV Honors, students are researching topics that pertain to France.  Their topics range from Van Gough to France's Soccer team!  After finishing their note cards, they are now putting the final touches in their research papers by citing their sources.  

            Mrs. Estes' history classes will soon be joining the fun as they research a historical event and how if affected society, politics, and the future.