Science with Mr. Benge

September 15, 2014

The students taking Physical Science with Mr. Benge have been studying the basics of how to perform scientific measurements.  So far the students have been learning how to calculate the density of a substance by measuring its mass and volume.  To do this correctly the students must use the individual skills and techniques they have learned in order to get the best value possible.  We are now moving on to the period table of elements and atomic structure in which we study how each individual element's atoms are composed and differentiated from the other elements.

In Mr. Benge's Chemistry class the students are in the beginning stages of learning how to properly calculate and record scientific measurements, as well as, memorizing the names and symbols of the periodic table.  So far the students have learned how to write the names and formulas for compounds and acids.  They are working hard and will soon be moving on to chemical reactions.

        In a few labs and demonstrations, the students learned that everyday household items are often involved in chemical reactions.  For example, the students learned that by adding vinegar to a baking soda solution, they could make a homemade volcano model.  By understanding how substances react with each other they will be able to protect themselves from any harmful reactions.

        The Physical Science and Chemistry students are working very hard so far this year and are doing very well.  I feel that they have gained some valuable knowledge that they will be able to use in their lives outside of school.  I anticipate more success for each class and I look forward to meeting all of the parents of these students at parent teacher conferences later this semester.