Senior Projects

December 20, 2011

"The ancient blade broke, bit into / The monster's skin, drew blood, but cracked  /  And failed him before it was deep enough, helped him  /  Less than he needed."

The lines from the piece above are from Beowulf, the anonymous epic poem from Anglo-Saxon literature.  The phrase "blade broke, bit" is an example of alliteration, one of the typical elements of this literature, which helped the scop or storyteller remember the lines as he told the story at the mead hall.  The Class of 2012 has also learned to recognize and write caesuras and kennings.  A caesura is a pause in the middle of a line as designated above by the use of commas.  A kenning is the use of a compound metaphor to take the place of a noun, like "whale road" to mean the ocean or "folk-king" for Beowulf.  Often the kenning is hyphenated but not always.  The senior English class has also finished Daily Oral Language or DOL's for first semester, and they have used Timed Reading to improve reading comprehension scores. 

The English 12 Honors classes or College English I have finished their ten-page research paper and are beginning nine to eleven-minute PowerPoint presentations.  Each student is currently learning to write an argumentative essay, using the research paper topic as the foundation of the paper.  At the end of last month the students wrote a cause and effect essay, selecting a topic of choice, and two reflections from articles title "A Drunken Ride" and "My Daughter Smokes."  The articles are both from the text Voices and Values.

Both English classes have been working to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension, convention and writing skills.


Silence yourselves and listen up

Born in the valley of corn and cattle

Grown and sown like the corn that is nourished here

I am of the bloodline of British rebels

The founding fathers of our nation and their allied French

The one who seeks to be unseen,

And yet is as visible as a black spot on a white shirt

The arts are my passion

Bringing color and creativity to this stark grayscale world is my goal

Creating majestic music and presenting prestigious pieces of song

Seduces my seething subconscious to still its stormy psyche

From night to day I dream of developing designs for movie companies

From Dreamworks to Disney

For Guillermo del Toro to Tim Burton

My homes are apart

One in the hay-roads and darkened fields of the sparse countryside

Another in the lit stone rivers of town

Traversing to outlying orientations of our outdoor nation

Is minimal albeit vastly valued

My subconscious is a machine

The wheels are always turning and devising designs

For malevolent monstrosities and downtrodden deviants

Leading to the fritz of more important academic achievements

Normalcy and conformity be the bane of my existence

Speaking is constant combatant

A thorn in my side that cudgels my dignity

Now, facing my frequent fear of vocalizing myself

I reveal my mental manuscript to the ones from whom I am detached

I leave you all with a final quote, one materialized myself

"Embrace what makes you different

If we all were alike, there would be nothing worth seeing in the world"

- Aleah Biehl


The Power of My Name

I am a shelter // where the willows grow free;

A first-born daughter // divinely devoted to her kin.

Listen, young thanes, and here the words,

Flowing freely from my mighty muttering mouth,

As I // with thoroughgoing vigor, take home with me

The superlative souvenir showcasing my

Effortless throat-chirping talents.

In a twelvemonth's time, I will have

Stupefied everyone in hearing range

With the glorious musical cries I utter,

Letting go of my self-effacing demeanor,

And Shining like a heavenly-fireball in the night.

Then // and only then // will everyone know the wondrous

Aptitude of the willow-protecting lass that is I.

-Shelby Holbrook


Living in the place I've called home for eighteen years.

Child of hard working parents // hard working mother to a new child.

Big sister to two younger boys.

Hitting the books for a better future for my little warrior and his queen.

My ears are always open for helpful words // as is my mouth for truth.

Beauty buried beneath my body.

Using my head to help heal helpless humans.

Music runs through my veins to my feet.

I travel south to my native lands.

Knowing nothing but to live, learn, laugh, and love.

-Maira Bueno


I, Kelsey, // the shy and sympathetic senior,

Anxiously // counting the days.

Ready to transition from orange and black, // to blue and gold.

Just by writing a simple paper, // a financial goldmine came upon.

Not sure about the future, // but still not clueless.

Cute colorful, carefree children come to mind,

For this is the path I seek.

Always striving to do my best, // for failure is second-rate.

I appreciate // the friends and family // that will always be there for me.

Life is a journey // and only I hold the map.

-Kelsey Dangler