Senior Seminar November 7, 2012

November 2, 2012


         The Lexington High School Guidance Department is sponsoring the fifth annual Senior Seminar for all Lexington High School seniors. The seminar will be held at Lexington High School on Wednesday, November 7. The purpose of the Senior Seminar is to help our students prepare for life after graduation from high school.  Each senior will attend five sessions that will give him or her helpful information for the workforce or college.

The five sessions are:

            Session 1-College and Career Fair in the Gym-Ten area business and eight colleges will be here to give students information.

            Session 2-College Applications-The guidance counselors will help students to apply to the colleges that they wish to apply to.

            Session 3-Stress Management Workshop- Mr. Sam Jilka will give the seniors some helpful tips to deal with life issues.

            Session 4-Education Quest-Reality Check-Stacy Seim from Educational Quest will give the students real information about what it actually costs to live on their own after high school.

            Session 5-Job Etiquette-Katie Bohnhoff with the Lexington YMCA will give the students good information about job interviews and presenting yourself in the most positive fashion.