So much art to see!

November 16, 2012

Students in Art 1 have been working through the elements of design, and are currently applying those elements to perspective.  Students are creating their own "surreal" world, which travels down a road that vanishes in the distance.  To effectively illustrate depth as it pertains to perspective students are using saturation and the neutralizing their colors by mixing complementary colors.

Students in Art 3 have been studying a series of exercises to refine their design skills.  Exercises have touched on the use of symbolism, and the process of simplifying a piece of artwork to its most basic root.  Currently the Art 3 class is studying typography, in hopes to gain a better understanding of the effective use of letterform within design.

Independent Art students have been very productive this fall. Nick Hall is focusing his emphasis on landscape paintings.  When asked what it is that attracts him to landscapes he simply replies, "Each landscape is different and they're fun to paint they intrigue me."

Pop art is the influence behind Jocelyn Aguirre-Vasquez's series of paintings.  "Pop Art is something that attracts the eye.  There's many celebrities that haven't been painted.  They've made great movies.  That makes me want to paint them", Jocelyn gently says.