Social Sciences Curriculum Digital Resources Update:

February 22, 2012

For the past six months, I have been working on searching for, evaluating, and organizing digital resources for the Social Sciences curriculum.  The value for such a repository of digital resources and materials became apparent immediately at the beginning of this school year.  In the high school alone, there were four teachers who were either new to the teaching profession or were teaching courses that they had not taught beforehand at Lexington.  Those that were new teachers have found the guidance of the curriculum map the staff created over the summer to be helpful in developing lessons & activities for students.  Additionally, the digital resources provided by this work has both complimented and supplemented their instruction.  The fact that teachers did not have so spend time looking for and evaluating these resources allowed them to direct their efforts on good instruction in the classroom. 


Another thing that has become apparent over the course of the year is that this work goes hand in hand with the Leadership and Learning Process that the district has began work on this year.  Since the social sciences staff identified the power standards, essential questions & big ideas of each course over the summer, we have been able to focus on the Common Core literacy standards and how they will be integrated into our curriculum.  


Finally, I have been able to complete the digital collection for many of the classes at the high school level.  Resources for the American History I & II classes have been curated.  World History, Citizenship, & American Government resources have also be curated for teacher use.  High school teachers are now taking advantage of those resources found on our district's servers.  One thing to keep in mind with this work is that there will always be new materials published online.  That is the great advantage that digital curation has over the past, we can always update & revise with greater efficiency and speed.  It allows our curriculum and teachers to grow as new resources become available.