Social Studies Going Digital

November 4, 2011

The wealth of information on the web is almost too much to sift through.  However, Lexington Public Schools is endeavoring to do just that to bring quality resources to teachers and students for the social sciences department.  Last March, the school board approved a one-year position to embark upon searching for, evaluating, collecting, and organizing digital resources for our district's social studies teachers.  We met many times over the summer to work together on outlining the social studies curriculum using our district's curriculum guide & the Nebraska State Standards.  These course outlines have provided the framework that guides the search & evaluation process.  The digital resources are already proving themselves to be beneficial to the teachers and students, as the American history, world history, & geography teachers have been using the collection to aid in the instruction of the classroom. One of our first year teachers, who was a long-term sub for the high school, Preston Foster said, "I felt that the collaboration website was extremely beneficial for my classroom, especially as a first year teacher.  One thing that I used on a regular basis were the short podcasts which allowed the students to see and hear what we talked about once again from a different perspective.  This enabled, and helped, them further understand the material."  Teachers are able to spend more time focusing on instruction rather than on searching for and evaluating supplemental digital resources.  All of this results in a more productive learning experience for all involved.