Stay Healthy! Stay in School!

April 7, 2014


Kids need to be at their best in order to do well and enjoy school. It is important to have healthy school kids and to avoid absences from school. Being absent from school affects not only the student, but the entire classroom as well.

Repeated absences can cause the student to miss important parts of sequential learning. Two things can happen:

1.       Students fall behind because they are missing an important instruction piece.

2.       Or, chronic absences can sometimes force the teacher to slow the pace of instruction, in order to review lessons for children who missed crucial skills.

In a mathematics classroom learning builds on previous learning, and you can never truly make up for an absence. Any activities, discussion, and interaction cannot be made up. The teacher can meet with the student to discuss what was done in class, and they can do the activities, but they are unable to hear questions from their peers and interact with their classmates.

If a student misses one day not only do they have to make up their work for the missed day in each class, they also have to keep up with their current work.  It is difficult, and so the student hopes that what was missed won't leave too large a gap in their knowledge base for the next learning.

By working together we can continue to keep our kids in school and help them to be successful not only now, but in the future as well.