Vocational Offerings at Lexington High School

April 24, 2013

Lexingtons manufacturing sector is in the middle of a crisis - it cannot find enough qualified workers. Today factories require workers with the ability to program highly intricate machinery and the initiative to solve problems. The problem, however, is that there simply isn't a large enough pool of these types of workers. Lexington high school offers a wide range of vocational courses to meet these needs. The skills learned in ag, computer science, family and consumer science and industrial arts have a tremendous impact on the students transition into one of our local manufacturing companies. The techniques I teach in drafting, construction and wood working translate into higher quality workers for our local businesses. The skills my students learn range from machine programming to something as simple as making accurate measurements and following sequential instructions. These are skills that are highly sought by the manufacturing sector and most of our students are not exposed to these types of skills in the normal education path of a college bound student. As your student signs up for classes this fall encourage them to investigate one or more of the vocational offerings at Lexington high school. The skills they learn will benefit them the rest of their lives, and it might open their eyes to a career path they had not previously considered.