What's going on out in the shop?

February 13, 2013


Happenings In the Shop


Three welding classes continue to heat things up as they learn and practice over 30 different types of welds.  There is a hugh demand for talented and dependable welders, so the students are setting the stage for possible careers.  There are currently no girls in the class but Mr. Schott hopes to see that change.  Industries have found women can excel in the field as they often bring a natural creativity and patience to the occupation.  At the writing of this article, twelve guys are ready to head to North Platte on February 13th to compete in the FFA welding competition.  Dedrick Meyers, the patriarch welder at Lexington High, has been very impressed with the quality of welding he is seeing from the boys this year.  (Their ability to sweep the floor, not so much!)


The two Ag I classes are diving into to field of Horticulture and Landscaping.  The greenhouse is in full swing.  Each student is assigned a table in the greenhouse that is theirs to manage.  They are learning the concept of ownership and taking control of problems as they pop up. Over 10,000 ornamental grass seeds of all varieties have been planted (with tweezers) since the beginning of the semester.  Hopefully we will end up having around 300 one gallon pots of beautiful bunch grasses to sell and landscape with.  Soon we will be planting all kinds of flowers and vegetables as bedding plants to be ready for the outdoors by the middle of May.  We are also growing tree seedlings of popular varieties  helping with the towns Children's Garden, and planting a substantial garden of our own with, potatoes, sweet corn, green beans and lots of zinnias, to name a few. 


The Ag II class is studying animal science this semester. Currently they are preparing for an FFA Meats Evaluation Contest in North Platte at the end of the month.  They recently took a tour of the Tyson beef processing plant and visited a local feedlot.