Who NEEDS chemistry?

November 8, 2013

"I don't like science, and I heard chemistry is a really hard class.  I am not going to take it.  It will just hurt my GPA.  Besides I am going into business, I won't ever use that stuff anyway."

Phrases like this are often heard coming from high school students across the country.  Does anyone need chemistry?

With changes in requirements to attend any college in the University of Nebraska System, chemistry has now become a "must" pass class at Lexington High School for many college bound students.  The University of Nebraska at Kearney recently changed admission requirements stating, students must have chemistry, physics, or anatomy.  Here at LHS, we require students to take chemistry before they can take physics or anatomy.  Thus, this means if a student wants to attend college at UNK, UNL, or UNO;  they must successfully complete chemistry.  To take chemistry at LHS, a student must have had or be in the process of taking Algebra II. 

Please talk with your counselor to be sure you are on track to attend the post-graduation school of your choice.