American History II with Mr. Frauen

December 4, 2014

     This month in Mr. Frauen’s American History II class, we have been going through our discussions about World War II, we have come to talk about the Holocaust.  As we have gone through our discussions about the Holocaust, the students have been examining first hand accounts from soldiers on both sides and several victim accounts as well.  In their discussions they have looked at the how, why, when, and where involved with the Holocaust.  Often the biggest question for students is the why and how, so we spend a lot of time on how the Holocaust happened and why.  During this process we look at numerous kinds of documentation, readings, podcasts, and videos.  Students get to see actual video from the U.S. army as they walk through some of the concentration camps after liberation during the war.  Discussions have been excellent and today they will complete an activity in class that is somewhat familiar with what you get to do at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.