American History with Mr. Frauen

May 15, 2015

Currently in American History class the sophomores have been reading and discussing the fabulous 1980’s.  As a teacher it’s very interesting to watch the student’s knowledge and input grow as you start to cover more recent history.  We have discovered that they really do know who Ronald Reagan was and that yes George W. Bush had a father whom was President before him.  The most impressive area of student knowledge is in the styles and music of the 1980’s.  When we started the unit, most students claimed they knew a little 80’s music and a small amount about the styles.  Ironically as we progressed, it was amazing the amount of information they knew about the 80’s style and music.  As a teacher this is very fun to watch and see it develop as it shows the impact that their parents have had on them.  As we talk about these subjects students will often reference seeing pictures of their parents in the 80’s and that yeah mom loves that song and listens to it all the time.