Be Informed...

March 29, 2016

Around this time every four years we enter an exciting time in our country - Election Season.  No doubt, emotions will run high, political banter will take place, and votes will be cast.  There have been many debates, and many more articles online, commercials on tv, and posts to twitter.  This is information overload and it can be very easy to be one of the many "headline readers."  I, as a social studies teacher, would encourage everyone to take every bold statement or accusation politicians throw at one another with a high level of scrutiny.  Research it for yourself.  Don't take the point of view (and likely uninformed point of view) of your friend, parent, significant other, etc. and accept that as truth.  Decide what your truth will be.  An impassioned statement isn't necessarily a true statement.  Out of context historical cherry picking isn't necessarily correct or appropriate.  All too often we take political commentary as truth so long as it is dressed up in eloquent speech.  Skepticism is a terrific thing especially in the context of election season.  Be skeptical.  Be informed.
By Jeremy Wieseler