Biology with Ms. Allnutt

November 28, 2016

In Ms. Allnutt’s biology classes, students have been learning what the word “biology” means and what it means to be considered alive. Students have learned about the different molecules essential for life, such as proteins and carbohydrates, and about what makes water such a unique compound. We are currently learning about genetics and heredity. Students recently completed a “Dragon Genetics” lab to apply what they have learned about probability of inheriting dominant and recessive traits. Students flipped coins, created Punnett squares and drew their dragons based off the traits that were passed on through generations. We had quite the variety of dragons in the classroom last week! We are about to start a project researching how some human traits, disorders, and diseases are inherited throughout the world population. For example, did you know that achondroplasia (dwarfism) is actually a dominant trait? Or that it is extremely rare for a female to be colorblind? Who knows what else these biology students will find out during this research project.