Breaking Down the Civil War in DLP Social Studies

February 8, 2016

The students in DLP Social Studies have been working for 6 weeks on learning all about the causes and catastrophes of the American Civil War.  They have spent time learning about slavery and its affect on our nation in the 19th century.  They have learned about the election of Abraham Lincoln and also the differences between state and federal governments. 


I continue to be amazed at the hard work they put into class when they come each day, even when they are not feeling up to it.  The students in this class took a lot of time to cover this part of our American History but they showed true interest in the topic and were very successful on their assessment of the information.  In this class we do quite a bit of reading and discussing, filling out timelines on the board, and making sure that we cover current events but every now and then we get to do something that is a little more “fun”.  After the Civil War the country needed to be rebuilt (especially the South), the students in this class simulated that through building a city made of Legos.  They had to complete certain tasks, which earned them money and then they could purchase the Legos from their savings.  We took 2 days for this project and the students were able to get a glimpse of the amount of time and effort it took to restore the South.