Business Intern, Cadet, & HOSTS

February 1, 2016

      The Lexington High School HOSTS/Cadet Program is a cooperative program with the elementary schools and the middle school.  The program is designed to give a student the opportunity to aide in a classroom setting to gain experience in the educational field other than as a student. Youth HOSTS/Cadets work closely with LPS teachers to learn some of the skills associated with teaching. The HOSTS/Cadet program is open to Juniors and Seniors who are in good standing.  The course is a semester long course. 

       This semester we have 37 students enrolled in the HOSTS & Cadet programs. HOSTS, which stands for, Helping One Student To Succeed, is at Sandoz Elementary School with selected second graders.  Ms. Tiffany Tingelhoff does an outstanding job preparing our High School HOSTS mentors to work individually with a student. Their lessons range from telling time, preparing for assessments, to reading literacy and math facts.  The Cadet students are able to go to any of the other elementary schools or the middle school to be somewhat of an aide in that classroom for about 4o minutes.  The students are able to get a glimpse of what teaching at that level is all about.

       The Business Intern students choose a local business/career that they are interested in pursuing in their future.  Job-shadowing allows the students a somewhat “real-life” experience.  They have the opportunity to see first-hand what their future may look like.  The students can then ask themselves, “Can I see myself doing this occupation the rest of my life?”

       Business Intern, HOSTS/Cadet students must journal three entries each day to reflect on what they observed or did that day.  Student’s wrote five goals they wanted to meet during their Business Intern, HOSTS/Cadet time.  As their teacher, my goal is that they learn these skills as well: 

  • Time management
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Professional mannerisms
  • Confidentiality
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility

I look forward to reading their journals each week!  

Tammy Kenton