Circle of Friends Attend Storm Hockey Game

December 12, 2014

     Circle of Friends is a new group at the high school this year.  The program aims to help students who may have difficulty making or maintaining friendships to develop friendships with other students.  The group is made up of five target students and eighteen other students who have agreed to serve as mentor students.

     Throughout the semester, this group has met weekly to learn and practice conversational skills, play games, role play difficult situations, and learn appropriate ways to show gratitude.  Mentor students make sure to include target students within the group time, but also in the hallways, in classes, and during extra-curricular activities.

     In November, several members of the group attended a Storm Hockey game.  Sponsors and students left after school on Friday, November 21 to travel to Kearney.  They ate at Skeeter Barnes and then made their way to the hockey game.  Everyone had a great time cheering as the Storm won the game!  Students from Lexington High School were also selected to participate in the human candy cane game and the suitcase shuffle during the intermission between periods. 

     The group plans to practice their social skills on Tuesday when they go to Plum Creek Care Center to make a snowflake chandelier with residents.