College and Career Ready in Mathematics

March 7, 2016

     The year is swiftly passing and the need to finish strong is greater than ever in the academic arena.  So, in Mrs. Fisher’s math classes, we have taken on a second wind and are working diligently to master as many algebra 2/pre-calculus skills as possible this second semester.

     The students enrolled in these classes could be in their sophomore, junior or senior year, so it is important to prepare every student, using the Nebraska Standards of Mathematics as an accurate measure of the student’s preparedness for college and career.

     The Nebraska Department of Education has a multitude of resources for educators along with families for students at every grade level to support their children’s mathematical success.  Here is a link to the NDE’s math page for more information:

     In Mrs. Fisher’s classrooms, these standards are incorporated every day with vocabulary and warm-up problems that are meant to expose the students to rich math ideas that have been or will be a part of the algebra 2/pre-calculus curriculum. 

     We have just finished going through the Math Glossary found on the NDE math website above, and now are testing our knowledge using a tool called Check4Learning. Everyone is challenged every day and from that challenge comes growth!  It is a great resource offered to classrooms in Nebraska that are ready to meet that challenge – to be college and career ready in mathematics!