CTE—Career & Technical Education

September 25, 2015

     The CTE (Career & Technical Education) Department has decided to promote and reward those enrolled in CTE classes by selecting a “CTE Student of the Month.” A student can be selected from each of the Career and Technical areas, which include the following:  Agricultural Science, Automotive, Business/Finance, Business/Technology, Construction, Family & Consumer Science, Journalism, and Welding.

       The CTE Department has set aside the third Tuesday of each month to discuss our nominations for the next month.  Each CTE area can nominate one student if the nomination is warranted.  We want the award to be “credible” so, if an area does not deem someone deserving, one will not be nominated.

       The Student’s of the month for September are: 

  • Agricultural Science—Cody Wolf
  • Automotive—Jose Munoz
  • Business/Finance—Jaqui Morataya
  • Business/Technology—Chelsey Escobar
  • Construction—Kyle Doty
  • Family & Consumer Science—Luis Magana
  • Journalism—Elizabeth Romero
  • Welding—Keneth Sanchez

      Evelin Vasquez, a Journalism I student, designed the bulletin board.  Students in a variety of Journalism classes actually created the designed frames and quotes.

       Students and faculty that walk the hallway by the counselor’s offices can see the display each month.  Who will be next month’s CTE students of the month?