End of the Year in the Hanaphy Classroom

April 20, 2015

It is getting towards that time of the year. Students and teachers alike can see the end in sight. Some are burnt out, while others are scrambling to raise their grades. Regardless of the position, everyone seems ready for a long break.

For my last units in English 2 and 3, I wanted to focus on more informal material that could develop discussion and allow students to take more control and have more input on their assignments

In English 2, we are ending the year looking at a variety of short stories and poetry. We analyze, discuss, and even compose our own poems and short stories. I really enjoy having that creative element in this unit.

For the final unit in English 3, we are conducting literature circles, where students read books in small groups, assume certain roles and present on their roles weekly. This way each group reads the same book from different perspectives and each must assume responsibility for their tasks. It’s informal but also a great lesson in responsibility and teamwork. 

It’s a hectic end to the end with soccer season in full swing. We are approaching the business end and hopefully can perform to our ability in districts and state. Keep an eye out for us in Omaha at the state tournament as we plan to turn some heads and show people how good Lexington soccer is in the state of Nebraska.