English with Mrs. Benson

December 16, 2014

Happy holidays!  There have been many students studying around the halls of Lexington High School these last few days to prepare for semester tests!  In English, the students are being tested over literary elements, vocabulary, and the Write Tools writing process.  On Monday, the students took a multiple choice test over the elements of fiction, plot charts, and questions over “The Necklace” and “The Most Dangerous Game,” two short stories that were read this semester.  On Tuesday, the students took a test over all the vocabulary words that have been learned over this semester, including poetry vocabulary, words from the short stories, and new vocabulary that has been introduced weekly.  During the block schedule for semester testing the students will write a paragraph about a teacher they would give a grade to, following the steps of the Write Tools.  It has been a joyful semester in English and we are excited to see what the students have to show for all their hard work.  Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone, and we’ll see you in January!