Fantasy Football Redux

September 17, 2015

After introducing Fantasy Football as a fun math-related hobby, we split the students into teams and gave them time to come up with a team name and logo.  We gave them pictures of blank helmets if they wanted to design them.  This ended up being a shock to me:  the artistic abilities and desire to make a helmet that looked good were incredible!  From my previous experiences teaching, I was expecting nothing spectacular.  Maybe some clip art cut and pasted; maybe some initials roughly drawn.  Maybe one or two would spend some time on making good ones,

but most would hand in something I would rather not hang on the wall. 

But I was wrong!  MOST teams went above and beyond.  Many took the helmets home and worked for quite awhile on them.  In fact, I might borrow a couple for my fantasy teams! 

Then on August 20 we held our draft.  Again I was surprised that even the hesitant learners were engaged.  Mrs. Vrbka offered expert advice when kids asked, and I got to play NFL commissioner for a day (“And with the first pick of the 2015 FFL draft, the Mexico Scorpions select...Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos!”).  In addition, Mrs. Vrbka and I drafted a team so we can play along!  

We are very much looking forward to the NFL season when we can get these teams involved in analyzing player performances.  Who says math isn’t fun?