Gazing into the Future—Have We Learned Enough

May 4, 2015

Carol Anderbery

     This newsletter article is written with mixed feelings today (May 3, 2015), as we at Lexington High School are bringing yet another school year to a close.  Each year I feel privileged to work with our students and especially the Class of 2015.  However, as with most classes, the relevancy of any subject and the time spent in learning seems to have little significance, as each class just wants to “graduate and get out of here.”  These students change some in the last few weeks of the semester as reality hits that a future exists after Lexington High School.  So, in an end-of-semester survey the seniors in English 4 and College English II were asked: “What is your dream for the future and will better English skills help with that dream?”  Some of their responses are included below:

Stephanie Medina: “My future goals are to get into the medical field, and English is something we’ll always use where it’s in writing notes or reading instructions.  It’s always around us.”

Laura Lazon: “My dream for the future is to be an early childhood education teacher.  The English skills that I have acquired will be extremely helpful.  It will give me the ability to talk to my students properly and also teach them proper English.”

Odwuar Quinonez: “One of my dreams is to write a book.  I will be able to use my English skills to proofread the book and make changes.”

Kevin Tobias: “My dream for the future is to become a CFO for a major company or to open my own firm.  Better English skills will always help in an occupation where one works with people.”

Ja’Selena Asebedo: “In the future I plan to go into research or advertising. Being able to jot down my ideas and work properly is how English skills will help.”

Naomi Jimenez: “I think my dream for the future is to be an English professor. Our focusing on classics and good English skills would definitely help with that.”

Rodrigo De La Torre: “To start my own welding business, English skills will help me communicate with people.”

Anthoni Gonzalez: “My dream is to be a shop teacher or teacher of some sort so English would be important.”

Maryan Abdiweli: “My dream for the future is to be in the health care field. English skills will help me with that dream because the people I would be helping might speak English, and it will be better if we understand each other.”

Briana Zepeda: “My dream is to double major in interior design and early education.  English will definitely be needed in the future. At one point I want to become an English literature teacher.”

Juan Sarmiento: “My dream for the future is to use the English skills I learned to better my public speaking,”

Daniela Soto: “I would like to continue my education, and I do think English skills will help a lot because we might be writing ten page papers.”

Sydney Neben: “My dream for the future is to be the female Tolkien of our time. I want to publish some work on Anglo-Saxon culture, as well.  I would love to teach English at a college level.”

Alejandra Romero: “My dream for the future is to become an elementary teacher. I truly believe that English skills will help me because part of being a teacher is to know English skills.”

Ana Romero: “My dream is to become a social worker and help people as much as I can. I absolutely think English will help because as a social worker one has to write all the time, like reports.”

Courtney Kast: “My dream for the future is to graduate from college with a degree in psychology. With the English skills I learned this year, it will help me achieve my dream because I will be able to write better papers in college. Hopefully I can use my English skills to publish my work in psychology after college, as well.”

Jonathan Godinez: “I dream of becoming a psychologist and a philosopher in the future. English and writing are imperative for that.”

Marlene Cohetero: “My dream about the future is to become a nurse, and yes, better English skills [are needed] because I will be learning words I don’t normally use.”

Dana Daleness: “My dream is to become a graphic designer. Yes, I will need good vocabulary and grammar skills when inserting text in designs and logos.”

Daniel Bowers: “My dream is to be a mechanic and own my own shop.  English skills might help with better communication.”

Chandler Flynn: “In the future I hope to become a legal drug dealer (pharmacist) and own my own pharmacy. English will be very important because I know I will have to write many, many papers.”