Got Drama?

October 20, 2015

Students in Mr. Patocka's Spanish 4/Spanish 200 Dual Credit Spanish class have already completed one of three Golden Age of Spanish Drama plays.  During the first quarter, students read and presented in a dramatic fashion the classic story of "La Celestina", a play written more than 50 years before "Romeo and Juliet" yet with a striking similarity to the Shakespeare classic, so much so that even the British writer himself had referred to "La Celestina" as an inspiration for his own work.  
Spanish 4/Spanish 200 will continue with the written drama "Fuenteovejuna", a story about powerful Spanish warlords and their treatment of Spanish peasants and how the people take up arms against their masters in an effort to gain freedom.  What makes this story so powerful (spoiler alert!) is that the women in the story lead the revolt against the warlords.
Not only do students practice reading and communicating in the Spanish language by reading these stories in class, but they also receive some insight in to the past and culture of the Spanish people. "Fuenteovejuna" takes more than one quarter of school time to read and discuss in class and at the end of third quarter, students will begin their third and final drama, "El Burlador de Sevilla".