History with Mr. McConnell

October 10, 2014

In American History II we are currently studying the Great Depression, the worst economic downturn in the history of the United States.  The main areas of study include the causes, the affect on everyday life, and the reaction of the government.  The students will be analyzing the government’s policies and efforts as they tried to help the citizens and move the country out of depression.

 Our current project is researching information on how individuals used primary and secondary sources such as original letters and presenting facts in first person.   The students are assuming different roles of individuals that lived during the depression.  They are researching each person from three different perspectives.  The research includes a homeless man, a thirteen-year-old child, and an African-American participating in the Civilian Conservation Corps.  The students will complete five entries in a journal starting with the day after the stock market crash and dating the next four entries throughout the 1930’s.  Students are required to write in first person based on the facts they researched.  The students are working in cooperative groups of three with each one taking a different role.  When the journals are completed, students will combine their different perspectives by using technology to make a presentation.  The students can use anything from slide shows to I-movies and will show their presentations to the other class members.  This project will be our final activity of the first quarter.

  Our next area of study will be World War II.  The timing couldn’t be better when one of our nation’s most important holidays is right around the corner.  Lexington High School wants to thank all veterans for the sacrifices they made to protect the United States of America.