“In the Money”

February 19, 2016

     In Mrs. Zarek’s Reading I class, students have been getting familiar with MONEY.  At the start of the workshop, “In the Money”, students took a money quiz and quickly realized how little they actually knew about money.  Since then, they have learned the difference between a debit and credit card, as well as a checking and savings account, what a budget is, and useful ways to spend and save their money.  Along with learning the basics of money-management, the Reading students read a first-hand account about an 18-year-old that struggled with a gambling addiction, which opened their eyes.  They were in total shock that this was such a serious issue. With the end of the year in mind, Mrs. Zarek’s Reading class will transition to a novel unit, which should be a great change of pace for the students.  The novel selection has yet to be decided, so stay tuned!