Information Technology I

September 30, 2014

       In today’s world, technology is found in almost every form of labor.  Can you think of a career or occupation that does not use some form of technology?  Even if it is only to stamp your timecard, you are using a form of technology.

       In the course of a day, you may complete homework, watch a streaming video on your laptop, flip through news headlines, pay your bills, search for directions, get the local forecast, or listen to your favorite song.  These and many other technologies are an integral part of everyday life:  at school, at home, and at work.

       Technology can enable you to access and search for information more efficiently and effectively.  Because technology changes, you must keep up with the changes to remain digitally literate.  Microsoft Office is the suite used in Information Technology I.  The suite contains everything students need to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  Students can then take what they have learned to complete research papers, PowerPoint presentations, and graphs for school projects, and later to use at post-secondary institutions, or the world of work.  Over a billion people and businesses throughout the world use Microsoft Office.