Lexington High School Counseling Office

September 18, 2015

     Fall is a very busy time for the Lexington High School Counseling Office.  Two huge tasks for the Counselors is helping students become aware of what colleges and careers are available and meeting individually with every senior.

     The counseling staff exposes students to various college and career options by setting up visits to various colleges throughout the state. Colleges that Lexington High School students will visit this year are the University of Nebraska in Kearney, Wayne State College, Central Community College in Columbus, Hastings and Grand Island and Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte and McCook.  Seniors and Juniors will also have the chance to attend the Dawson County Career and College Fair in Cozad on October 13th.  The Counseling staff will also host their annual Senior Seminar in which employers from Dawson County,  area colleges, and various military branches will be available to visit with students.  This event will be held on November 4th.  

     Counselors will also be busy meeting individually with seniors that are on their caseload.  They will visit with them about what their plans are, what their options are and what actions they should take.  This is a very time consuming process but invaluable to both the student and counselors.  

     We would like to encourage parents and community members to contact the counseling office if they have any questions about services available to LHS students.  Our goal is to support young people to be successful academically and help them be successful in their future.  We hope these various opportunities will help students better understand what they want to do and help them reach their goals.