LHS Automotive Class

April 14, 2016

Automotive students have been busy this semester.  Auto I students have a good understanding of how a vehicle works and maintenance that must be performed to keep the vehicle running and lasting a long time.  Students have learned basic knowledge of hand tools and how to use them properly. They also know how vehicles impact our environment and how alterative fuels are helping to reduce our need for fossil fuels.

Auto II students have disassembled a manual transmission and learned how they make shifts and they also checked bearings and adjustments. Students have replaced a clutch and rebuilt a three-speed transmission. Currently Auto II students are studying brakes and suspensions and learning the difference between Parallelogram and Rack and Pinion Steering systems. 

Four students are going to the 2016 SkillsUSA Nebraska Leadership and Skill Champions for the first time in automotive. This should be a great learning opportunity for them.  Follow the link below to watch a video to see highlights of students in automotive.

Mr. Schmidt