LHS English I CT/ECT

October 20, 2014

Wow, the first quarter has blown by, but in Mac’s English classes, learning is still happening!  To begin, in English I CT/ECT, we have finished a book and started another one!  As we read, we are studying literary terms and then applying them to the different aspects of our novels.  Students are also expected to answer questions, take reading quizzes, and do major reading writing assignments.  Also, as always, a major focus of English is the Write Tools process.  The students feel like this is all we do, but in reality we reviewed what was learned at the middle school, added in some fairy dust, and magically, they are writing better than ever!  And on a serious note, the students are making great strides in improving their formatting, fluency, and using content related vocabulary.  Finally, students are being challenged to work in small groups, work on speaking and listening skills, and developing academic skills. The continuous effort to improve students’ skills will support these freshmen as they continue their academic career.  Overall, the start of the year has been fast-paced, exciting, and packed to the rim with new material, but with three quarters remaining, there is much more to come!