Mr. McConnell’s History Highlights

January 5, 2015

     Mr. McConnell’s American History II Honor’s class and Mrs. Chesley’s English II Honor’s class are working together to complete a project for National History Day.  The theme for this year’s papers is Leadership and Legacy.  The papers will be submitted to the local and district competition at UNK on March 11, 2015.  Students with outstanding achievement may be given certificates, scholarships or even monetary awards.

     Sophomore students are encouraged to write 8 – 10 pages about any Leadership and Legacy topic.  The paper must relate to the theme and explain its significance in history.  It is our hope that students will learn more about important historical issues, ideas, people and events.  Good luck to all our students participating in this project.  Students with outstanding papers may even make it to the National Level.  What a wonderful opportunity that would be for all of our students here at Lexington High School.