Mr. Schmidt's Automotive Class

December 19, 2014

Automotive class has been busy this semester.  We have learned about more than just auto mechanics.  To begin the first quarter we discussed buying a car and how to determine a reasonable offer to present to a car dealer.  A challenging chapter was learning how insurance works, what we need for insurance, and things we can do to keep insurance costs down.  

Students studied fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems.  Continually students are learning about tools and how to use them.  We also looked at some information about the costs of tools.

Students are currently finishing small engines.  We disassembled Honda GCV160 engines; they have a timing belt, camshaft, piston, rod, and a crankshaft.  They are very similar to an automobile engine.  Students learned how to use a micrometer to measure a crankshaft, piston bore and the piston diameter.  They used Plastigage to check rod to crankshaft clearance.  On reassemble students used the Internet to look up torque specifications and how to install and time camshaft to crankshaft using the timing belt and how to adjust the valves.  I am happy to say all of the small engines started after reassembly.  We will continue to study different systems in an automobile.  

Automotive students are taking a 10-hour OSHA training online and upon successful completion they will receive an OSHA safety card.  

Pictured below, students are assembling their Honda small engines.