READ 180 with Mrs. Ritta-Olson

January 27, 2015

Each quarter the READ 180 students work with a particular theme. This quarter our theme  is the Combat Zone. We are looking at different perspectives related to war and conflict.  First we read a historical fiction book, In the Line of Fire by Tod Olson.  This book described D-Day from the perspective of an under trained soldier.  Now, we are reading a short story about the Vietnam War by Tim O’Brien. Ambush gives an account of what it felt like to kill an enemy soldier in war and how this soldier copes with his decision years after the war is over.  Next, we will read a poem about 9/11.  In The Names, poet Billy Collins gives focus to all the people that were lost in this tragic event. At the end of the quarter students will be asked to express their opinion about war using information learned during the quarter.