February 19, 2015

Did you know Lexington High School has an online subscription to hundreds of periodicals? In the EBSCO database you will find the following full text editions: Discover, Health, Popular Mechanics, Shakespeare Studies, Smithsonian, Soccer Digest, Sports Illustrated, Time, etc.  Students should create their own account within the LHS subscription.  They can then create a folder system to store articles that will be available when logging back into their personal account within the LHS subscription.   Again students must create a personal account with the LHS subscription to access articles saved

 To search for your favorite periodical, follow this pathway for digital access to publications before those periodicals reach the news stands: > High School home page > Library > Subscription Data bases > EBSCO > EBSCOhostweb > Select all databases > Publications link (upper left) > MAS Ultra will work as a selection > example: Time (publications search bar)  > All issues (select Month).  Or look in the 24/7/365 brochure in the library for a direct link.

Using EBSCO, students will be able to view the latest news, store articles for research, share articles via email, print articles if needed; even have the article read to them.  EBSCO is an amazing resource.  Learn to use it efficiently and effectively before entering the world of higher education. The 24/7/365 brochures available in the library give students and staff the off-campus access information to this valuable tool.