Science with Mr. Klein

November 10, 2015

     Students in Mr. Klein’s Applied science class have been using bess bugs and various other experiments to explore the scientific process.  That process is to identify a problem, do background research, form a hypothesis, perform an experiment and collect data, organize and analyze data, and then finally conclude and communicate.  Students have repeated this process with drops of water on a penny, pill bugs, and paper rafts.  All of the experiments are done to address the Nebraska State Standards on the Inquiry process of science.  In the 2nd quarter students will spend their time on the engineering process.
     Ecology class has been hard at work collecting and identifying plants for their plant project.  In all, 30 plants are assigned to be collected and identified.  This project is intended to get students out into nature and see that nature is more than just weeds and grass.  This also gives the tangible evidence of the importance of producers within an ecosystem.
     Biology classes are in the beginning of understanding cells, their cycle and their reproductive cycle.   We will continue to process through genetics throughout the quarter.  Students will be conducting labs demonstrating the cellular phenomenon we are seeing in class.